Vocabulary Bible Lite

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Vocabulary Bible Lite

A great preparation tool for students who are preparing for GRE/GMAT/SAT, the Vocabulary Bible Lite is designed to help the students polish their skills at the vocabulary section of these tests. The app helps the students learn 150 new words through the medium of info-taining games and activities. Here are the 7 distinct approaches that this app takes to help you surf through the vocabulary section of the exams:

STUDY WORDS: Enhance understanding and comprehension through this formative level game containing the words, their meanings and examples.

MULTIPLE CHOICE: This standard vocabulary quiz comes with a timer to gauge your performance.

DRAG N DROP: The classic ‘match the following’! Drag the word onto its meaning in this ‘self-evaluating’ session.

REVERSE KNOCK: ‘Role-reversal’ – we give you the definition and you pick the word that best fits it.

FLIP CARDS: Define the word and ‘flip’ the screen to see the real meaning.

MARKED WORDS : Mark the difficult words and play it later to master the list.

HOT TARGET: Match a word with its meaning in succession from a ‘pool of words’. Tricky!

READ OUT : Pronounces and reads out the word list!

What makes Vocabulary Bible the best choice for you?- Technological alternative to conventional vocabulary books

– Ideal for preparation for competitive exams across the globe
– Easiest way to add 3000 new words to your vocabulary.
– Self-paced and self-evaluated learning.
– The effort is minimal and the pattern is exciting!

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