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There is no better pleasure for a reader than getting to read a book in one’s native language. The Pustaka app is designed keeping this crucial joy in mind. It contains the works of wide range of Tamil writers who have contributed largely to the Tamil literary world since the last few decades. Developed in collaboration with Pustaka ebook store, the app provides access to the books written by writers like:

– Sivasankari,
– Yandamoori Veerendranath,
– K.T.Gatti,
– Balaramani,
– Rajesh Kumar,
– Indira Soundarajan,
– Pattukottai Prabakar,
– Neela Padamanabhan and many more authors.

The salient features of this Tamil exclusive application are:

1. Download a book and read the book off-line.
2. Displays user’s bookshelf as soon as user logs into their account.
3. Ability to change the font size – supports 3 size fonts.
4. Easy way to navigate through the book – first and last page of the book, next and previous page.
5. Different ways to configure bookshelf – By Author, By Rent, By Purchase, By Magazine, By Free.
6. Memory Management – Books can be removed from the mobile memory by a click of a button. Same can be downloaded on-demand.

Designed by Softcraft Systems for Pustaka

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