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Happy Pregnancy Ticker – Hindi

For those who like to read Hindi more, the Happy Pregnancy Ticker is also available in Hindi language with the same features and options as in its English version. The app has been developed with the purpose of helping women know the changes that pregnancy makes to their body, how to care for themselves during this crucial stage of their life and how to care for the baby before and after birth.

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Happy Baby

Softcraft Systems has also been behind the designing and executing of the Happy baby app, a baby development and care app designed especially for new parents and mothers to help them take care of their newborns. The application is a complete baby tracker with its vast range of features like tracing the development of the baby, updates about development milestones, vaccination reminders, growth charts and patterns etc. The salient features of this app are:

* Weekly information and daily tips to assist mothers to take care of their baby(ies).
* Make easy entry of feeding like breast/bottle/solid feeding with touches.
* Make diaper change entry with single touch
* Make sleeping entry with single touch
* Make record of baby’s health periodically
* Make record of Medicines and Vaccinations given
* Add Medicines and Vaccinations to the existing list.
* Add reminders like doctor’s appointment, medicine etc.,
* Make record of pee/poo entries.
* Track baby’s growth factors such as height and weight.
* Record photo the baby periodically and occasionally.
* Add and track multiple babies.
* The “Trends” page provides a complete report of the entries and tracks records of the baby.
* “Forum” is a unique discussion platform provided to share ideas and seek solutions, suggestions for issues we face with other users and mothers.
* Option to add multiple babies.
* Edit babies information.

This app has been created as a continuing app to Happy Pregnancy Ticker which helps mothers keep a track of their baby and body’s development during pregnancy.

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Happy Pregnancy Ticker

The Happy Pregnancy Ticker app is the first Hindi language pregnancy tracker which is designed especially for pregnant women who would like to get regular updates on the development of their baby at each stage. The app provides information about the development of the baby from an egg to a fetus to a full grown baby and also gives details regarding the care that pregnant mothers should take of themselves before and after the birth of the child. Here are the distinguishing features of this app:

1.Due Date Calculator

2.Statistics include Trimester Info, Fetal Age, Pregnancy Weeks, baby drawings & pregnancy stage info.

3.Pregnancy weight gain estimator.

4.Contraction Timer / Baby kicks.

5.Discussion forum.

6.Random facts.

7.App Widget for your home screen.

8.Schedule you Doctor Visit, Scan, Blood diagnosis, etc and make it appear in the app widget.

9.Option to show all week pregnancy stage information.

10.Option to show all facts.

11.Back up of your baby kicks and contraction timer data by the way of sending it your email.

12.Ovulation Planner for women planning for pregnancy.

13.Weekly weight can be entered and tracked. Graph has also been provided.

14.Journal has been included to store your pregnancy memories.

15.Reminder/Notification feature has been included. Option to enable / disable notification has been provided. Schedule has been replaced with reminder.

16.Solutions to the common Health Problems during pregnancy has been included.

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Happy Wimmen1

Happy Wimmen

A place for all the questions a woman could ever ask! Happy Wimmen is the latest project by Softcraft Systems. It can be simply explained as a website that deals with all the queries, concerns and topics that women deal with in all respects of life. It covers domains like childcare, beauty, pregnancy, fitness, health, sexual fitness, homecare, relationships, shopping etc and tries to delve into the most contemporary lifestyle issues that women face and helps find a solution to those with ease.

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