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Bhagavad Gita

We are proud and happy to launch Bhagavat Gita in Tamil app fully offline. Thanks for downloading the app. We continually strive to provide the app with advanced features to make the app usage very useful and comfortable.

The Bhagavath Geethai, often referred to as simply the Gita, is a 700-verse Hindu scripture in Sanskrit that is part of the Hindu epic Mahabharata (chapters 25 – 42 of the 6th book of Mahabharata).

The app contains slogans, its phrase to phrase meanings and detailed explanations, all readable in Tamil. We may include more languages in future updates.

The app has many features to facilitate the reader with utmost comfort and ease to read the contents of Baghavad Gita. Some of the features are as follows:

✔ Bookmark the desired verse
✔ Share the verse through any social media
✔ Change the font size to suit the reader’s comfort
✔ Change the color of the contents of the app
✔ Resume reading

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குறள் அமுதம் – (திருக்குறள்)குறள் அமுதம் – (திருக்குறள்)குறள் அமுதம் – (திருக்குறள்)

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Tamil RC Bible

We are proud and happy to release the first version of Thiruviviliam in android for free. This app contains “Old Testament”,”New Testament” & “Attachments” in Tamil. This effort in bringing you Thiruviviliam was after the overwhelming response for Tamil Bible.

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Vocabulary Bible Lite

A great preparation tool for students who are preparing for GRE/GMAT/SAT, the Vocabulary Bible Lite is designed to help the students polish their skills at the vocabulary section of these tests. The app helps the students learn 150 new words through the medium of info-taining games and activities. Here are the 7 distinct approaches that this app takes to help you surf through the vocabulary section of the exams:

STUDY WORDS: Enhance understanding and comprehension through this formative level game containing the words, their meanings and examples.

MULTIPLE CHOICE: This standard vocabulary quiz comes with a timer to gauge your performance.

DRAG N DROP: The classic ‘match the following’! Drag the word onto its meaning in this ‘self-evaluating’ session.

REVERSE KNOCK: ‘Role-reversal’ – we give you the definition and you pick the word that best fits it.

FLIP CARDS: Define the word and ‘flip’ the screen to see the real meaning.

MARKED WORDS : Mark the difficult words and play it later to master the list.

HOT TARGET: Match a word with its meaning in succession from a ‘pool of words’. Tricky!

READ OUT : Pronounces and reads out the word list!

What makes Vocabulary Bible the best choice for you?- Technological alternative to conventional vocabulary books

– Ideal for preparation for competitive exams across the globe
– Easiest way to add 3000 new words to your vocabulary.
– Self-paced and self-evaluated learning.
– The effort is minimal and the pattern is exciting!

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A great milestone for Tamil literary world, Mudhulkudimagan, is the first Tamil book ever to be published in the Android market before its in-print publication. The book can be defined as a mind-probing and thought-inducing fuction work which has been received well by the readers and critics alike. The work has been penned by Dinesh G., who has dedicated this first work of his to his fellow Tamilians.

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The stories of Jayakanthan come into your mobiles and tablets now with the Tamil stories app by Softcraft Systems. The app includes 10 stories by Jayakanthan in Tamil language and provides the readers to enjoy those with the smart phone ease and comfort.

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Thirukkural, the renowned Tamil literary milestone, comes to its readers in a new avatar with its Android app version. The app provides both Tamil and English versions of the literary work and has meanings from four renowned authors: m. Varadarajan, Solomon, Pappaiyah and Pope. The app allows readers to conduct searches by words and ahs an inbuilt Tamil keyboard for ease.

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There is no better pleasure for a reader than getting to read a book in one’s native language. The Pustaka app is designed keeping this crucial joy in mind. It contains the works of wide range of Tamil writers who have contributed largely to the Tamil literary world since the last few decades. Developed in collaboration with Pustaka ebook store, the app provides access to the books written by writers like:

– Sivasankari,
– Yandamoori Veerendranath,
– K.T.Gatti,
– Balaramani,
– Rajesh Kumar,
– Indira Soundarajan,
– Pattukottai Prabakar,
– Neela Padamanabhan and many more authors.

The salient features of this Tamil exclusive application are:

1. Download a book and read the book off-line.
2. Displays user’s bookshelf as soon as user logs into their account.
3. Ability to change the font size – supports 3 size fonts.
4. Easy way to navigate through the book – first and last page of the book, next and previous page.
5. Different ways to configure bookshelf – By Author, By Rent, By Purchase, By Magazine, By Free.
6. Memory Management – Books can be removed from the mobile memory by a click of a button. Same can be downloaded on-demand.

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Aathichoodi, is a collection of one-line quotations by Magaan Avvaiyar, the famous Tamil poet. The app includes a total of 108 quotations with their meanings and explanations and has them all arranged in the alphabetical order for ease of searching particular verses. The app has been developed with the great support from Project Madurai who allowed us to publish the quotations and make it reachable to the common lots. The app is strictly meant for Tamil language users and caters to all the requirements of Tamil poetry lovers.

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An ancient collection of poems dating back to as late as the 5th century, now come into your mobile phones and tablets with the Muthollairam app. This app consists of 3 English translations of Tamil poems written between the 5th and 12th centuries. Released with the help and funding of CCIT, the app’s main purpose is to take the legacy of Tamil literature far and wide through the medium of the smart phone.

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