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Nakkheeran e-Magazine

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Nakkheeran (Nakkeeran), India’s leading Tamil Media House, brings you Nakkheeran e-Magazine app for Android Mobiles and Tablets. The Nakkheeran e-Magazine Store for the Global Tamilian, giving access to their seven beloved Nakkheeran Magazines. Download and read single issue or subscribe to your favorite magazines. Enjoy the magazines articles just as they do in, thus connecting the Tamilian on the move, through his devices.

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Muthollayiram CICT

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An ancient collection of poems dating back to as late as the 5th century, now come into your mobile phones and tablets with the Muthollairam app. This app consists of 3 English translations of Tamil poems written between the 5th and 12th centuries. Released with the help and funding of CCIT, the app’s main purpose is to take the legacy of Tamil literature far and wide through the medium of the smart phone.

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Holy Bible

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The Holy Bible Offline app is a proud creation of Softcraft Systems. The app is designed with the purpose of making the whole Bible available to the users even when they are offline. The app provides the complete ‘Old Testament’ and the ‘New Testament’ and also a quick reference to the King James version of the Bible. Another salient feature is the forum where the users can have spiritual discussions over the Biblical verses and their meanings.

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Happy Pregnancy Ticker

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The Happy Pregnancy Ticker app is the first Hindi language pregnancy tracker which is designed especially for pregnant women who would like to get regular updates on the development of their baby at each stage. The app provides information about the development of the baby from an egg to a fetus to a full grown baby and also gives details regarding the care that pregnant mothers should take of themselves before and after the birth of the child. Here are the distinguishing features of this app:

1. Due Date Calculator
2. Statistics include Trimester Info, Fetal Age, Pregnancy Weeks, baby drawings & pregnancy stage info.
3. Pregnancy weight gain estimator.
4. Contraction Timer / Baby kicks.
5. Discussion forum.
6. Random facts.
7. App Widget for your home screen.
8. Schedule you Doctor Visit, Scan, Blood diagnosis, etc and make it appear in the app widget.
9. Option to show all week pregnancy stage information.
10. Option to show all facts.
11. Back up of your baby kicks and contraction timer data by the way of sending it your email.
12. Ovulation Planner for women planning for pregnancy.
13. Weekly weight can be entered and tracked. Graph has also been provided.
14. Journal has been included to store your pregnancy memories.
15. Reminder/Notification feature has been included. Option to enable / disable notification has been provided. Schedule has been replaced with reminder.
16. Solutions to the common Health Problems during pregnancy has been included.

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Thirukkural CICT

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Thirukkural (also known as the Kural), sometimes spelt Tirukkural, is a classic of couplets or Kurals (1330 rhyming Tamil couplets) or aphorisms. It was authored by Thiruvalluvar, a poet who is said to have lived anytime between 2nd century BCE and 5th century CE. Most believe he wrote Thirukkural in 30 BC which is part of Tamil Sangam Period. It is one of the Tamil books of Law. The Thirukkural is one of the most important works in the Tamil language. This is reflected in some of the other names by which the text is known: Tamil marai (Tamil Vedas); poyyamozhi (words that never fail); and Deiva nool (divine text).

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There is no better pleasure for a reader than getting to read a book in one’s native language. The Pustaka app is designed keeping this crucial joy in mind. It contains the works of wide range of Tamil writers who have contributed largely to the Tamil literary world since the last few decades. Developed in collaboration with Pustaka ebook store, the app provides access to the books written by writers like:

– Sivasankari,
– Yandamoori Veerendranath,
– K.T.Gatti,
– Balaramani,
– Rajesh Kumar,
– Indira Soundarajan,
– Pattukottai Prabakar,
– Neela Padamanabhan and many more authors.

The salient features of this Tamil exclusive application are:

1. Download a book and read the book off-line.
2. Displays user’s bookshelf as soon as user logs into their account.
3. Ability to change the font size – supports 3 size fonts.
4. Easy way to navigate through the book – first and last page of the book, next and previous page.
5. Different ways to configure bookshelf – By Author, By Rent, By Purchase, By Magazine, By Free.
6. Memory Management – Books can be removed from the mobile memory by a click of a button. Same can be downloaded on-demand.

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Dinamalar ePaper

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The leading Tamil newspaper and website, Dinamalar, walked on to the Android podium with its Dinamalar News app, developed by Softcraft systems. The app allows its readers to subscribe to it and then get regular updates on the latest happenings across the globe in Tamil language. It also allows the readers who haven’t subscribed to the epaper to download old papers from the archives at nominal costs.

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The leading Tamil Media House has entered the smart age with its Nakkheeran News app which is suitable for Android phones and tablets. The app is designed to provide latest news from all walks of life, be it politics, society, cinema, world sports, etc. The app stands up to the expectations associated with the 27 year old reputation of the newspaper and gives updated news to the readers at all times. Some salient features of the app are:

– Read latest news headlines in Tamil

– View your favourite Political, Cinema, Social Videos

– Simple and intuitive design. Ideal for using while on-the-go

– Save articles for offline reading/viewing

– Increase or reduce text size

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The leading Tamil newspaper, Dinamalar and its online version,, emerged to be the first Indian newspaper to launch its Android app. The application is developed and maintained by Softcraft Systems to enable the paper to reach upto more number of people and help them stay in touch with their language and region 24×7. The app helps one reach out to the news from Tamil Nadu, India, World, and from all the walks of life such as cinema, sports, business etc and that too on your very own palm!

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Happy Wimmen

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A place for all the questions a woman could ever ask! Happy Wimmen is the latest project by Softcraft Systems. It can be simply explained as a website that deals with all the queries, concerns and topics that women deal with in all respects of life. It covers domains like childcare, beauty, pregnancy, fitness, health, sexual fitness, homecare, relationships, shopping etc and tries to delve into the most contemporary lifestyle issues that women face and helps find a solution to those with ease.

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